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Get your makeup bag ready for the holidays

first impressions vanity

Don’t get hung up on airport luggage weight controls because of the dozens of cosmetic products you take with you on vacation. first impressions vanity With few but essential products, we explain the key products you will need to achieve high impact during your vacation.

first impressions vanity Don’t get hung up on airport luggage weight controls because of the dozens of cosmetic products you take with you on vacation. With few but essential products, we explain the key products you will need to achieve high impact during your vacation.

If you fill your make-up bag to the brim every day when you leave the house saying ‘just in case’ and don’t touch any of them during the day, you are not a stranger to us. When you need to stay away from home for a while, the weight of your makeup bag can make life difficult for you.

Give your skin and yourself a break by taking the key products you need with you. first impressions vanity

In the holiday order volume

You struggled with the city life under stress for a whole year, or the school you went to put you through a lot. You deserve to clear your head with a nice holiday by the sea. What about your skin? Give your skin a breather by taking a break from skin make-up on this short or long trip.

Emphasize your natural beauty with small touches. In short, leave your foundation, powder and even concealer at home. We trust you, you can do it!

Holiday list

We think there’s no better way to accentuate that summer glow than applying bronzer. With this little magic product, your face

first impressions vanity A holiday where we don’t highlight our lashes? Never. Our recommendation is to use mascara only in the evening, but if you want to keep it with me by the beach, choose a water-resistant product.

You can get help from glosses to reflect the sweet shine of the sun from your lips to your beauty.

Colored nail polishes
Taking a break from makeup does not mean staying away from colors. Neon colors or pastels… You can reflect your fun-loving spirit to your style by carrying the colors on your nails.

Get your makeup bag ready for the holidays

first impressions vanity

Vacation Makeup Bag Must-Haves

first impressions vanity Preparing a holiday makeup bag is always confusing. There are always a few things you forget to take with you. That’s why it’s a good idea to make a list before packing and to cross out every item you put in the suitcase. So you don’t miss anything. Making a checklist always works.

Thanks to these lists, I can find everything I’m looking for on vacation right next to me.

Of course, it is very important to have a handy, multi-compartment, detailed and detailed make-up bag to take all your needs with you! You should buy a makeup bag like this to make sure you have everything.

The summer holiday season, which is in full swing right now, is the time to give new beauty products a chance… first impressions vanity You should definitely be prepared to make up in many styles such as beach makeup, holiday makeup, summer evening makeup, summer party makeup, wedding and engagement makeup.

So what should a holiday makeup bag look like?

What should be in this makeup bag? Before you go on vacation, you should read our article.

Types of Holiday Makeup Bags

For holiday make-up, you should first consider your needs. For example, you can choose different types of makeup bags according to the length of your holiday and the activities you will attend during the holiday.

If you are going to take a boat tour on vacation, if your vacation will last longer than a week, if you are going to cocktails and parties, if you are going to attend stylish beaches and concerts, or if you are going to attend weddings, you need larger and suitcase-like holiday make-up bag models.

If you only want to swim, sunbathe and do not want to do too many activities on holiday, you can buy a smaller but minimal holiday make-up bag with plenty of brushes and all your skin care products and make-up materials. first impressions vanity

first impressions vanity

6 Fixtures You Should Have in Your Vacation Bag

To make your makeup last longer in a warmer climate, you need to use a good makeup primer! You need to choose a smooth makeup base that really hydrates your skin and keeps the foundation looking and staying in place.

A light-textured foundation with sunscreen is an ideal choice for a holiday. Especially foundations that contain organic plant extracts, moisturize and protect from the sun are favorite products for summer!

On holiday, it is important to have a fresh and bright appearance. Heavy make-up closes your pores, spoils quickly and doesn’t look stylish. Therefore, you can cover small scars on your face with a luminous concealer. I usually prefer lightweight products to heavier ones and I think this works best in warmer climates!

first impressions vanity I absolutely love bronzers, so you can add a few different options to your makeup bag. You can use a wide range from chocolate tones to caramel and gold tones as blush and eye shadow and create natural sparkles.

You can use waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara to create a sharp, clear line. You can use eyeliner or eyeliner with an applicator to create a smokey eye look.

I don’t think I can say it enough, I’ve always been amazed by the difference that it makes a little bit of mascara.

Lip glosses and lip balms provide an ideal shine and fullness for summer days. Colors such as nude tones, peach tones, pink tones and dried roses suit everyone in the summer season. first impressions vanity

first impressions vanity

first impressions vanity

Preparing a Makeup Bag for Travel

What should be in a travel makeup bag? We suggest you take a look at our suggestions below for preparing a holiday makeup bag. A few small movements are enough to be the most effective and stylish on holiday.

Don’t Buy Travel Size Items

The best advice I can give you about travel size products…not buy them. They are so small that we pay them a fortune! As this is a big waste, we recommend that you buy regular size products. first impressions vanity

Use Empty Jars

When I travel, especially if I’m flying, my skin gets worse. So I use empty cream jars at home to find a way to take my regular sized products with me. So my skin always stays moist, it helps me and keeps my skin balanced and makes me look great.

Choose Tube Instead of Bottle

I stay away from liquid products in fragile bottles when traveling. In order not to worry about breaking or spilling at any moment, I choose stick products or products in a tube. For example, instead of risking the spillage of an opened bottle of foundation in my bag, I make it special to take the stick foundation with me.

I prefer cream eyeshadows and stick bronzers. first impressions vanity The only power I’ll always take is a see-through powder to set the makeup and keep my skin matte all day. I use transparent powder with or without make-up because they give my skin a great look.

Use Stick Primer

impressions vanity Stick primers are pretty easy to use, you just need to know where to look. I recommend stick primes that control oil on the skin and prepare the skin for make-up by reducing the appearance of pores.

Use Stick Foundation

In fact, I prefer stick forms over traditional liquid or powder foundations, and there is no better material for travel than a stick foundation! Alternatively, you can use a BB cream or CC cream with sunscreen.

Use Cream Blush

Cream blushes are ideal cosmetics for summer. Moreover, it gives a slight shine, radiance and freshness to the skin. Moreover, it makes the makeup last longer.

Use Cream Eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadows go well with summer make-ups. You can choose vibrant and striking colors from the cream eyeshadow palettes for a slight glow and a lively look.

Use Makeup Setting Spray

After the transparent powder, you should take a travel-size make-up fixer spray with you to prevent the make-up from flowing, to ensure that it fits well on the face, and to help the colors blend well. first impressions vanity

Perfume Matters

I hate to travel without perfume, but unfortunately it is forbidden to carry perfume at airports. That’s why a portable perfume atomizer is a great way to take your favorite fragrance with you. You can buy them online.

Fill them with your perfume and carry them in your purse or even in your pocket. A great tool even if you don’t travel!

first impressions vanity

Skin Care Products To Take With You On Vacation

You should also make room for a few skincare products for a makeup bag on vacation.

You should also carry skin care products such as facial cleansing gel, moisturizing cream, day cream, night cream, eye cream, peeling, make-up removal products, tonic, sunscreen, disposable skin care masks and scrub. first impressions vanity

In addition, toothpaste, toothbrush, body spray, dental floss, comb, hairbrush, hair straightener, curling iron, hair spray, hair styling foam, hair gel, tweezers, nail clippers, nail polish, manicure and pedicure tools, nail file, shampoo

You should not forget personal care items such as shower gel, bath washcloth, eye patch, hairpins, acetone and cotton pads.

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