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Natural Tones Impressions Vanity

impressions vanity

How about applying make-up ‘as if it weren’t there’ thanks to natural make-up tricks? Natural impressions vanity, which has been popular lately, as if it did not exist, made us fascinated.

So, do you want to learn how to make up in natural tones?

You may have noticed that natural toned makeup is very popular lately. In fact, behind the make-up that you see “as if it doesn’t exist” lies effective and intense make-up applications. Don’t you want to make perfect natural makeup with the right product and natural makeup steps?

Natural makeup impressions vanity

impressions vanity

impressions vanity Contrary to what you think, making natural make-up is not make-up made with less make-up. For natural-looking make-up, you should follow the right make-up material and the right make-up steps. Since the make-up will look ‘like nothing’ on your face, the make-up mistake you will make will be more obvious on your face.

Before makeup, you should use makeup primer to prepare your skin for makeup. Prepare your skin for makeup by choosing a primer suitable for your skin type. When choosing a primer, you should definitely determine the make-up primer according to the condition and needs of your skin. If you have oily skin, mattifying makeup primer will be right for you.

Editor’s Suggestion: Lancome Advanced Genifique serum is one of the indispensable serums to apply to the skin before make-up. It not only reveals the skin’s own radiance, but also smoothes, renews the skin and makes it look much younger thanks to its formula renewed with microbiome science.

Foundation recommendation for natural make-up

impressions vanity

For natural skin make-up, you should choose foundations with a thin structure and medium coverage. L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation comes to mind first when it comes to natural make-up skin make-up. Especially thanks to the renewed formula of True Match foundation, we can also care for our skin. Thanks to this formula containing hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and antioxidants, the skin looks much smoother and higher quality in 2 weeks.

If you want your skin to look brighter and brighter, you can apply your foundation with a wet makeup sponge. After applying the foundation with wet foundation, you should wait a few minutes. After the foundation is completely set on the skin, there will be no trace of sponge / brush.

Impressions Vanity Blush recommendation for natural skin make-up

impressions vanity

The most crucial point of natural skin make-up is blush. When choosing blush, you should choose natural colors that make you feel cold or tanned. Don’t forget to smile lightly as you apply your blush to find the right spot.

When we do natural make-up, our favorite blush color is pink tones. Adding a shy expression to the face, pink blushes adapt to every skin color. Light pink blush is recommended for fair skinned people. Dark pink blush, fuchsia blush and dark pink blush are preferred for those with wheatish skin tone and brunettes. If you are looking for a lasting and intensely pigmented blush in your natural make-up, you can take a look at Maybelline New York Fit Me blushes – first of all, Rose color please!-

Natural eye makeup

impressions vanity

Let’s come to natural eye makeup. For a natural-toned eye make-up, get an intensely pigmented, easy-to-apply eyeshadow palette with earthy tones. We recommend Terre de Sienne eyeshadow palette from Lancome Hypnonse Eyeshadow Palettes for this make-up. This palette, which has a creamy structure and contains warm copper and earth tones, is perfect for natural eye makeup. The pearlescent champagne tone in it is a great choice to illuminate the fountains of the eyes.

How to make natural eye make-up: Distribute the light brown eyeshadow in the eyeshadow palette to all eyelids and lower eyelashes. Lighten your brow bone with cream-colored eyeshadow and brighten your eye springs with your sparkling beige eyeshadow. impressions vanity

Although we prefer a natural make-up, we want our eyelashes to be in the foreground. Thus, our eyes look bigger and our gaze looks more lively. For this we need a volumizing mascara. Among our favorites is Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils.

How to apply mascara in natural make-up: Apply mascara starting from the bottom of the eyelashes to the ends of the eyelashes with zigzag movements. The zigzag oscillations you make will also prevent lumps, and your eyelashes will be separated one by one.

Natural Tones Impressions Vanity

A natural touch to your eyebrows

impressions vanity

One of the key points of natural makeup is naturally combed eyebrows! If your eyebrows are not naturally thick or thick, don’t worry… You can fill your eyebrows with the right eyebrow pencil and make them look naturally thick. impressions vanity

The most important makeup item you need to fill in eyebrows naturally is a fine-tipped eyebrow pencil. Thanks to Maybelline New York Brow Ultra Slim Eyebrow Pencil, you will be able to fill in between your eyebrows step by step naturally. Thus, those who look at his face will not notice the eyebrow pencil between their eyebrows, as if they naturally have thick and bushy eyebrows.

Tip: For a natural look, you should make sure your eyebrow mascara matches your natural eyebrow color.

Natural lipstick colors

impressions vanity

Of course, you need to complete your natural make-up with natural lipstick colors. One of our favorite natural nude lipsticks is the NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Bedtime Flirt color. Thanks to its velvety finish, ultra matte structure and all-day durability, this lipstick got 10 points from us and took the first place in our list of nude lipstick recommendations. You can get a great look by completing your natural make-up with Bedtime Flirt color. impressions vanity

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